Ann's Raspberry Farm
6645 Blair Road
Fredericktown, OH 43019
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Artisan from Seed to Jar

     Our Good Food Award winning preserves - a special selection of Red 

Raspberry Jams, Brussels Sprout Relish, Petite Pickled Brussels Sprouts, Hungarian Hot Pepper Mustard, and Hot Pepper Jelly- are all deliciously, handcrafted as we harvest.  Our farm has been Certified Naturally Grown, since 2004, to ensure you that we use only the finest chemical-free, 

sustainable growing practices.


     For eleven seasons, we have been serving the Central Ohio area with fresh red raspberries, Brussels sprouts, a variety of peppers, and onions. In the spring, we offer red raspberry and Brussels sprout plants. You are welcome to stop in or schedule your group for a "Tour & Taste" from May through August. 


      January, 2017 we are pleased to announce that we added our 6th and 7th Good Food Awards! Our Raspberry Blossom Honey and Petite Pickled Brussels Sprouts won these coveted 2017 Good Food Awards in the Honey and Pickles Categories. In 2015 our Farm was an Ohio Made Award 

Honoree for Outstanding Ohio Food Products! Sprouts! Since 2011, we have received seven of these awards and 4 have been named Finalists!


     Ann has had the honor of judging the Good Food Awards, Preserves Category, after eleven finalists and wins of these coveted awards for tasty, authentic and responsibly made artisan preserves and pickles! Ann was also selected as 2014 Slow Food USA Delegate to the Terra Madre Worldwide Food Conference in Turin, Italy.


     You can learn more about the challenges of producing such fine quality products - while growing the ingredients - by watching this short video by Our Ohio magazine or reading this article from Ohio Magazine. 


     We offer workshops, demonstrations, and seminars throughout the year in order to share our expertise in growing the ingredients for the crafting of artisan foods. It is our passion to create products of distinctive quality. We believe that it begins with the selection of the seeds and ends with your delight.

Our farm is highlighted in 


          by Richard Horan    

& "Eat & Explore Ohio"

         by Christi Campbell