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Carefully Crafted




Artfully handcrafting our selection of fine products takes months of preparation. When we finally harvest our crops, we masterfully create our mouthwatering, fruit-filled preserves, warm and tangy mustard, sweet-hot jelly, alluring relish for you to enjoy throughout the year. Our beautiful raspberries are picked, washed, and crafted in small batches of jam the same day as we harvest. Ann's original recipe needs nothing more than raspberries and a bit of pure cane sugar to become the perfect jam.

Old-Fashioned Methods

Modern tastes

Ann cooks her products in small batches, no more than a few dozen jars at a time. She uses traditional French copper jam pan to preserve the freshness and flavors of the fruit. Her first creation was famed Red Raspberry Jam, and Ann has created enticing variations over the years: Mojito Raspberry Jam, Jalapeno Raspberry Jam, Amaretto Raspberry Jam, Chocolate Raspberry Jam, and No Sugar Added Red Raspberry Jam. New creations are lovingly developed into time honored recipes each season. A small amount of specialties like Ann's Raspberry Chutney, Fermented Brussels Sprouts and Black Raspberry Jam are created each season. Some products are very select - made in batches of four or five jars.


Don't miss out on the season's finest...

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Ann's Raspberry Farm Savory Brussels Spr

Fresh ingredients

And nothing else

     Ann's Raspberry Farm's award-winning Savory Brussels Sprout Relish is made from nearly all of the vegetables that we grow on our farm. Only fresh Brussels sprouts, green peppers, red peppers, Jalapeno peppers and onions go into our relish. All chopped fresh and pickled in a local honey and red wine vinegar brine with a secret blend of  spices. No flavorings, additives or corn syrup. None needed. 

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