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Our eponymous crop

Harvest begins in late June with the first crop of red raspberries and ends in late November. Our select varieties of red raspberries yields two crops of delicious berries when grown under cover in an unheated greenhouse called a high tunnel. 


The soil warms earlier and stays warm longer, extending the raspberry harvest. The berries grow to be over six feet tall and produce twice as many berries as plants grown outside. The cover also helps to protect them from too much rain, and hard winds, as well as minimizing the need for organic amendments and pest control.

Ann's Raspberry Farm Daniel Trudel in Br

Brussels Sprout

Growing sprouts since before they were cool

Brussels sprouts are harvested from the bottom up. The unique looking Brussels sprout plant hides it bounty under its huge leaves. At the base of each leaf, on the sturdy plant stalk, hides the tiny sprout. Time, patience, and endurance are the qualities necessary to harvest Brussels sprouts. 

Ann's Raspberry Farm Brussels Sprout Pac
Ann's Raspberry Farm Pepper Harvest


Bell, jalepeno, Hungarian hot - we've got them all right here.

Harvesting peppers is pretty easy and large quantities are ready at the same time - if you time your planting right. That is one of the challenges of growing our own ingredients - having everything ready at once. 

We grow 4 types of peppers to use in our products, each variety lending a unique quality to our jams, relish, and mustard.
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