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Ann's Raspberry Farm Brussels Sprout See


It all starts with our hand-selected varieties of fine seed planted as soon as the snow melts and soil warms...

There are many well known varieties of apples like the green, tart Granny Smith and the crisp, sweet Red Delicious. It is the same with every vegetable and fruit. We plant only the finest, premium varieties to create the fine taste, texture and quality that you love.

Brussels Sprouts and onion seedlings sprout in our high tunnels in early Spring.  These are sold fresh, seasonally, at our local farmers markets and are ingredients in our Brussels Sprouts Relish.


After the April showers, when the May flowers are in bloom, we plant the seedlings into the earth on our 5 acre farm. 

We nurture our seedlings as they grow. They are protected from weeds and pests with interplantings of cover crops. This creates an environment in which the plants and beneficial insects can thrive. Our crops are certified-naturally grown, meaning we use natural growing methods to raise healthy crops.

Ann's Raspberry Farm Brussels Sprout Pla
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The cover crops grow taller than the Brussels sprouts. Their height provides shade in the hot summer sun for our cool weather plants.  When the cover crops mature, they are laid down, like live hay, and create a soft layer on which we can work and harvest. Later, it will be turned into the soil to return nutrients and organic matter. This practice will help sustain our farm for the next generation.

Crops mature as the cover crop of buckwheat, clover or rye fills in to protect the soil, suppress weeds, and attract beneficial pollinators like honey bees and bumble bees as it flowers.

Now it's time to harvest​!

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